Easy Quizzes & Games for Children to Play on Zoom

kids quizzes for zoom

Like so many, Zoom had become our go-to, for chats and fun with family and friends the past few months of 2020. My children are quite young for long chats, so having games and quizzes they can play in video chats, has given them a bit of a focus, when chatting with their friends.

games to play on video calls

Scavenger Hunt To Play With Children on Zoom

I stole this idea after watching Saturday Night Takeaway a couple of weeks ago, when Stephen Mulhern tasked Ant and Dec with finding items around the house. This is a fun one to try, especially for younger children and tots who struggle to sit still talking to friends and family.

You just need a list of items and someone to be the quiz master. They can then shout them out and judge who comes back with the item first. We had a list of ten when we did it. Some simple household objects to start off, items of clothing they had to find and put on which was funny and then a few tricker ones together to finish off. My only advice would be if siblings are playing nominate who is going to do each round before you start, to avoid the inevitable squabbles!

Free Printable Scavenger Hunt for Children

zoom scavenger hunt

I’ve added my scavenger hunt below as a free printable you can download and use.

Adult Party Ideas for Zoom Calls

how to host a virtual cocktail party on zoom

As well as the kids, we have doing a lot of our socialising online in 2020 too. Although the thought of it can feel awkward, once we’ve got online I’ve really enjoyed the zoom parties we’ve had with friends. My favourite by far was a cocktail making party I had with friends for my birthday. I sent out DIY Cocktail kits and we all made them together. I’ve written all about what we did, some recipe card ideas and what i bought and sent in my virtual cocktail party blog post.

Quiz Pintables for Children to Use on video Chats

quiz printable for children

My little girl is only six, so lacks the attention span for long chats on the phone, but she really missed her school friends during lockdown. So, we invited her classmates to a mini-quiz on Zoom and it was lots of fun. My daughter thought up ten questions and helped me type them on a Word doc that I then printed out for her to add some pictures.

free quiz questions for children on video chats

There is the option to share your screen on Zoom, but I thought printing would avoid her having to do too much on the computer and giving her the printed questions to decorate gave her another activity to do to pass the time! If you don’t want to make your own, I’ve added the one we used as a free printable below ready to decorate.

zoom quiz for children

Easy Zoom Quiz Printable For Kids

Easy Games To play In Video Chats

Another game my little girl has loved playing with her friends during lockdown is the three marker challenge. She loves watching YouTube videos of kids doing this, and its worked really well her doing it with friends on Messenger and What’s App video chats – as all they needed is a phone propped up and some paper and pens.

children playing with friends on video chats

More Kids Activities During Lockdown…

We are really lucky to have a big garden space to play in, and like many we have a trampoline that the kids LOVE to bounce on. With so many hours to fill right now, I’ve written a post here with 6 fun things to do on a trampoline.

Have you heard of squishy bags? An easy way to have fun with slime at home without the mess. here’s how we made ours.


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