6 Easy Games To Play on a Trampoline

easy games to play on a trampoline

Since the lockdown our daily pace has obviously slowed down at home. Screen time limits are all out the window and there’s a lot of tv! We are however, still conscious of keeping the family active during the Coronavirus outbreak, making sure we break up each day with some fun outside. Its all so odd isn’t it, trying to keep things normal for the kids while worrying about everything going on. I’m certainly finding it hard. But, something my children never get bored of, is the trampoline.

So, I thought I would share some of the games the kids have made up and some we’ve found online, that my two have really enjoyed playing on our garden trampoline.

Fun Activities and Things to do on a Trampoline

We are really lucky to have a big garden space to play in, and like many we have a trampoline that the kids LOVE to bounce on.

With so many hours to fill right now, here are 6 fun things to do on a trampoline that are EASY but also can be done without help and with things most have at home.

1. Five Lives Ball

I think we might need to work on more of a snappy name! but, this is by far the game my kids play most on the trampoline together (And the one I don’t mind joining in on too) We put a football on the trampoline and then we all bounce and you loose a life every time the ball touches you. It sounds a bit boring, but it ends up pretty funny watching everyone running and jumping out of the way of the ball. You can also try and time your bounce so it directs the ball moving towards someone else.

2. The Floor is Lava

More a challenge than a game, but when my children were getting fed up and bored having to stay home, I set them the challenge that they had to get from one side of the trampoline to the other without touching it. It didn’t take long, but it was something silly to lift their moods. My little girl was very pleased with her choice of plastic plates as stepping stones!

3. Phonics and Maths on the Trampoline

If you’ve got some chalk, there are so many ways you can turn the trampoline into a fun way to help with English and Maths.

  • Draw numbers and get the kids adding up each time they jump on a new one.
  • Turn the trampoline into a clock and practice drawing the hands and telling the time.
  • There’s lots of letter games too. If they are little, they could call out the sounds as they jump on them, or for older ones practice spellings jumping from letter to letter.

4.Crack the Egg

This is one I found online. One sits in the middle with their arms wrapped tightly round their legs. The aim of the game is then try and ‘crack the egg’ by jumping around the edge seeing how long they can last without letting go of their legs.

garden games to play while social distancing

5. Middle Ball

This is another version of Five Life Ball, but one children can play on their own on a trampoline. Draw around a ball (The lighter then better) with chalk and then jump around the trampoline with the aim of keeping the ball in the circle. Set a phone timer and see how long they can bounce without the ball coming out of the circle.

keeping children active during social isolation

6. Slip and Slide

It barely needs to be warm enough for shorts for my children to get water out in the garden. They spent a good hour last week pouring plastic jugs of water over our trampoline making it slippy to slide across. They then had great fun with a couple of disposable foil trays I had leftover from Christmas trying to surf across from side to side. They were soaked and cold when they came in, but right now, these little bursts of twenty minute silliness are great at breaking up the day and keeping everyone active.

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