Easy Garden Games for Children with Ice

I used to freeze toys lots when my little boy was a toddler. A  lazy way of setting up an activity the night before that would then keep him busy for ages. He was always more into physical activities and fascinated by the way things work, so presenting him with toys stuck in ice that he then had to work out how to get out, really suited his nature.

It’s as easy as it sounds. Grab their favourite toys, pop them in water and freeze

Easy Ice Activities

  •  Lego: Spilt figures or simple models into pieces and then pop each bit in a different compartment of an ice cube tray. Fill up with water and freeze.  Children then need to free the pieces before they build
  • Frozen: If you have an Elsa doll just put her in front of other toys stuck in ice ( I used to freeze them in plastic cups or bowls) They just need a bit of time in the sun to loosen up before tipping out.
  • Dinosaurs, animals and stones are great mixed up in a big bowl, you can then turn it out and have an ice kingdom.

Now they are older, my children are the ones making them, they don’t play with them for as long, but they love wrestling the toys into the balloons and ripping them open.

For some more easy ways to cool down have a look at these top tips for keeping cool

To avoid flying bits of ice get the kids to wear their swimming goggles.

More Kids Activities …

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