What is Stitch Fix UK Like? My 1st Month Review

After seeing so many mentions on social media, curiosity got the better of me and I signed up to try out the Stitch Fix clothes service last month. Despite being drawn in seeing different people online in lovely outfits, I didn’t really know fully what it was, or what you had to do, so I thought I would share my experiences and review of my first months order.

What is the Stitch Fix Subscription Service?

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Essentially it’s a subscription box for clothes – after providing information online about the types of outfits you like and all your measurements, a personal shopper then uses this to pick a selection of outfits from different brands. You start by creating an online account on their website and it’s here that you can stipulate how much you would normally spend and how often you would like the service.

I went for bimonthly, thinking it would be nice to get a bit of a refresh a couple of times every season. Next up, you spend some time sharing what you like and your general clothes style. This is lot more fun than it sounds – if like me you enjoy looking through clothes ideas online, or taking part in this or that outfit quizzes on Instagram stories, then you will enjoy it.

It’s very easy too, the website shows you either a collection of clothes types one by one, such as skirts or hand bag images or full outfit shots to rate – all you need to do is click a thumbs up or a thumbs down button. There’s then a few more details to add, such as clothes brands you like and how you like the fit of your clothes, such as loose or fitted.

My First Stitch Fix Review

Once you finish rating outfits, there’s also a free text area at the end if you want to add some additional details for the stylist to follow. As I’ve never any experience of a personal stylist and I’m also conscious I’ve worn a lot of the same styles for years, this element of the service really appealed to me.

Being curvy and petite, something I’ve always struggled with, is finding jeans or trousers that flatter me and that I feel comfortable in. Also I tend to be over rather than underdressed and as I’m finding myself either standing at the side of a freezing football pitch more and more or for walking on the school run each morning, I’m keen to find some more casual clothes, that suit me and that I like. So that was pretty much the brief I left on the website when booking my first fix.

Next up you receive confirmation that your booking has gone though and the next notification is a sneak peak of your fix by email. This is the point where you are shown the items that have been chosen for you and you can either choose or keep or request others. I decided that as I was looking for items a bit different to what I’d normally wear, it was better to leave it as a surprise. There is an option for this too, you simply don’t click the link in the email and the stylists first choice of your fix will remain.

It didn’t take long and the items arrived a few days later. The items I received were: a pair of jeans, black boots, a maroon silky skirt, a leather jacket and a black jumper. On first sight it all looked pretty plain and I have to confess I’m a bit of a magpie for prints and colour, so probably mostly things I would walk straight past when out shopping normally.

However once I started trying things on, my opinion changed pretty quickly – the stand out piece for me was the jeans, I fell in love with them as soon as I put them on! As someone who normally avoids jean shopping, I couldn’t believe how well they fit and also how soft and comfortable they felt on. I stick with the high street for jeans normally and had never heard of this make Liverpool Los Angeles, they definitely suited my giant thighs! but still go in enough at the waist too. Along with the jeans I loved the black jumper, again it felt really nice quality and although on first sight pretty plain, I found the higher neckline and puff sleeves really flattering. Another make I’ve not heard of the jumper is by Yas.

Then onto a couple of items I sent back. A blume bias cut midi satin skirt from Editor’s Cut and a leather jacket from French Connection. Both fitted, but we’re just not quite right. I liked the style of the jacket but the waterfall detailing didn’t hang very well on me. Plus as the most expensive item of the lot, I didn’t mind when I didn’t love it.

Last in the box was a pair of boots. I already have quite a few pairs but they fall into two distinct categories – flat or dressy with heels I’m only going to wear on a night out. The boots in my fix are a great in-between style, a nice block heel that’s just that bit lower, so I can walk further in them during the day. I’ve worn them a couple of times now and although they are definitely not for long days out, I loved how they smartened up my day time outfit and I found them pretty comfy going for a lunch or quick walk around the shops. Plus as I still feel a bit self conscious (of how big my bottom half is) in jeans, these were the perfect addition for that.

How Much Does Stitch Fix UK Cost?

The total is up to you and what you keep, plus you stipulate how much you’d normally spend on clothes when shopping when you sign up, so the stylist can tailor the clothes they send you based on your normal budget. Therefore the only initial outlay is the stylist fee. This is £10 and its taken when you make the booking. But, you only pay this if you don’t buy anything, as when you confirm what you’d like to keep, it’s taken off your total.

All in all I was really impressed with the service and I’m already excited about my next fix, I’ve got lots of wear out of the clothes I’ve been sent, tried new brands I’d never heard of and finally found a pair of jeans I like.

Stitch Fix Offer Code and UK Discount

When you sign up to Stitch Fix they also give you an offer link to share – so, if you’d like to try out Stitch Fix if you use my link below, you will get a £15 discount off your first order (I’ll also get a discount on my next order too) Book your first fix now with the Stitch Fix Invite code

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    I have not hear of this before, and must say I like the idea of someone choosing the outfits as you will try things you wouldn’t think of previously. I will have to have a look at this a bit more

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    I like the idea of this but I wonder how well it would suit someone plus size.

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    This sounds like such a good idea. I’ve not heard of a subscription like this before. It would save time shopping instore and it’s really convenient.

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    Never heard of this before, but sounds great if you don’t have time to go out shopping.