Winter Birthday Present Ideas for 7-10 Year Old Girls

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When you have children with winter birthdays, I think it can sometimes be harder to think of present ideas, especially as they get older. Are you looking for something a bit different this year? If you’re fed up of buying more and more of the same, destined to be discarded once the shiny wrapping and exciting un boxing has taken place, I have been looking at some unusual and clever winter birthday present ideas for 7-10 year olds from Wicked Uncle. This is an online toy shop with a difference-full of fabulous present ideas for children that are fun but also a little bit different to the norm.

Now my daughter is seven, and starting to move on from all the obvious children’s games and activities for little ones I sometimes find it hard to think of present ideas. Especially with friends and relatives also asking what to buy her as well. Couple this with having a winter birthday (meaning there’s not the opportunity to play with outdoor toys as much) I sometimes struggle to come up with enough ideas for both Christmas and birthdays with them both being so close together.

Winter Birthday present ideas for 7-10 year old girls, pink present wrapped up
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

That’s not to say my children don’t have present request lists bursting with items, they do – but, while the majority of what they get is highlights from these, I also like to add in some surprises. Now for me, that means toys and presents that one, they will obviously be pleased to unwrap, but that two its something interesting and fun, that they will actually play with for a good amount of time and not just once.

Wicked Uncle can help with that – their website is designed to showcase unusual and interesting presents that kids will love and actually play with.

If you’re sick of buying shiny new toys that are ripped open with excitement to then be left to gather dust the day after, here are some fantastic alternatives available to order online now.

So, using my soon to be 8 year old daughter as an example I have picked out some highlights that I think lots of girls of this age would love…

Fairy Tale Pillow Case Doodle Your Own

Colour in Pillow Case, Wicked Uncle
Image credit – Wicked Uncle

My daughter has loved colouring for a long time and her enthusiasm is not showing any signs of waning. What I don’t love though is the endless sheets and and print outs everywhere, that no matter how many she does, she can’t bear to part with. So, I love this idea – it’s colouring but with a practical use. Plus, I think this would definitely please my little one, going to sleep on something she’d actually helped create. Its also washable so they can doodle and create over and over again.

Pink Doughnut – Squishable Cushion

Squishy Pink Donut cushion, UK Wicked Uncle
Image credit – Wicked Uncle

The love of a squishy just keeps growing and growing in my house, so as I’m already ending up with a house full, they might as well be nice ones. This pink doughnut cushion really is very cute, and would also work well as a bedroom scatter cushion.

Glow Art – Neon Effect Drawing Board

Neon Colouring Board, Wicked Uncle Uk
Image credit – Wicked Uncle

This is another drawing and colouring activity, but with a very cool twist – you can create amazing glowing pictures that transform and light up. It’s essentially a picture frame that you can draw pictures on yourself/ with templates, or even use as a message board, that once turned on, illuminates your picture in bright neon colours with 36 different effects.

Interactive Glow T-Shirt

light up tshirts UV Pen, children, wicked uncle uk
Image credit – Wicked Uncle

These look so much fun. My children often go to school discos and parties that have UV lights, so I think both my daughter and son would love these. The word or picture lasts about five minutes each time before fading and you can either draw free hand or over an object for a shadow effect.

Fun Tape Measure – Filled with Silly Facts

childrens tape measure with facts uk, Wicked Uncle
Image credit – Wicked Uncle

Both my children are intrigued with our tape measure if they see me using it, so I know this version for children would be right up their street. As well as having an autolocking mechanism, its full of silly facts such as the size of the largest diamond and how high a pig can jump!

These are just some highlights I’ve found – there are so many more gift ideas over on the Wicked Uncle Website



  1. September 19, 2021 / 8:02 am

    Some great ideas on here. Really like the neon writing board. Going to add that to my daughter’s Christmas list.

  2. September 19, 2021 / 4:41 pm

    What great ideas! I love the t.shirts.

  3. September 19, 2021 / 7:39 pm

    My daughter’s birthday is January and always struggle to think of things – some great ideas here, thank you 😊

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