Elf on a Shelf: North Pole Breakfast And Quick Pose Ideas

Love it or hate it, Elf on a Shelf is here to stay. If I’m honest, I bounce between both camps on a daily basis during advent!

We began doing it a couple of years ago and like most things, I started off oh so enthusiastic, spending waaaay too long looking at things on Pinterest and making plans for an elaborate elf arrival. Three years on and my feelings towards our yearly visitors Bill & Twinkle, vary very much, depending on my mood!

It’s one of those things, when we come down in the morning and see the kids excitement at what they’ve got up to each night, it is just lovely. As cheesy as it sounds, it really is an easy way of seeing that gorgeous innocent magic in your children’s eyes every day. That being said, its equally adding just another sodding task to the never ending list of mum things to do in December. So, as much as I love it, there are also a lot of nights I’m swearing in bed remembering I’ve forgotten to move them and have to begrudgingly go back downstairs.

When working for Families UK, part of the content I produced for them was a video of our first week elf ideas and our easy North Pole Arrival breakfast. I’m so pleased I have that to look on, they both look so young!

Where To Buy Elf on a Shelf Props UK

Even after doing elf on the shelf for a couple of years, and despite having the most inquisitive boy I’ve ever met! My kids don’t ask a lot of questions and are happy with whatever pose they find the elves in. The excitement of them just moving is enough. BUT, when your heads full of never ending Christmas to do‘s, it’s great having a couple of cheap props, to take all the thinking out of it.  

Last December I found most of mine in QD Stores, their snow balls especially, were brilliant at adding that little bit of magic to our North Pole breakfast. I’ve just had a peek on their website and there’s even more this year. You can find what they have available right here It’s all quite cheap too, so for a tenner, you can pretty much stock up for the month.

North Pole breakfast

Top Tips For Elf on a Shelf UK

My top two tips have to be, first and foremost, an elf is for life not just for Christmas! – Once you’ve done it once, your basically committed for the next five years, so make sure you really want to do it every day for a month or you’ll be cursing yourself next November.

Second, is don’t go too big too early! If your elf arrives with too much of a bang, you’ll spend all of December tying to top it. I shared lots more tips and ideas for Elf on a Shelf in these articles I wrote for Families Online:

How to make Elf on a Shelf easy 2019

Quick Elf on a Shelf pose ideas

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If you’re doing elf on a shelf this year, lets help each other out! Tag me in your pose ideas on Instagram and facebook, and I’ll share them in stories so we’ve all got a stockpile to use –  25 days of elf poses is a lot to come up with on your own!

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