Skittle Pinata Cupcakes – No Bake Simple Kids Activity

skittle pinata cake

Making vanilla cupcakes has always been my fallback recipe to make with my children. So, when my kids asked to make a piñata cake after watching a YouTube clip, Skittle Pinata Cupcakes, seemed a good lockdown baking challenge to try. We already had some Skittles, as we are going to try the Skittle science experiment this week too, so hidden rainbow sweet cakes was easy to put together.

How To Make Skittle Cupcakes

rainbow cupcake recipe

During lockdown we have done a lot of baking, and a lot of making mess in general! My little girl in particular, is like a little crafting tornado. Leaving a trail of glittery destruction wherever she goes! So, as I couldn’t face more mess today we cheated and used ready-made everything for these, so here is how to make no-bake easy rainbow Skittle pinata cupcake.

If you want to bake the sponges, for vanilla cupcakes, I generally use the Hummingbird Bakery recipes. They are simple, always work and keep for a few days. This is the vanilla cupcake recipe I normally use.

Skittle Pinata Cupcake Recipe UK

If you are cheating like us, I bought a pack of 12 buns from Sainsburys for 99p, along with rainbow laces, Skittles, and a tub of vanilla icing. These Skittle Pinata Cupakes, took about twenty minutes and for once making cakes made very little mess or washing up.

easy no bake kids recipe for sweet party treats
  • First, you need to make a hole in the centre of each cake. My children did this a couple of ways, scooping with a teaspoon, or by pushing down an icing nozzle and tapping out the middle. Just watch out not to go all the way to the bottom.
  • Keep the scooped out sponge pieces and set aside. Don’t worry if some get broken (Or eaten in our case!) The Skittles take up half the space anyway, these just work as a rough lid.
  • Next comes sorting the Skittles. You don’t have to do this, but as we are currently in Lockdown I used the opportunity as a bit of maths practice for the kids. My youngest counted and separated and my 8-year-old worked out how each colour could be evenly split between the 12 cakes.
easy recipe to make with children. no bake rainbow cakes
  • You then need to push the lids back on.
  • Now its time for icing. We use a piping bag but you don’t need one, a spoonful of frosting spread across each cake is great.
how to make pinata cupcakes. Easy kids recipe
  • Decorate how you like. We cut rainbow ribbons in half and stuck in the icing.
skittle pinanta cupcakes

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