Neverland London Beach – Bottomless Brunch Review

My Neverland London review…

I love the chance to get all dressed up to go out and eat, but other than a few times abroad, going out for brunch is not something I tend to do. With it seemingly becoming more and more popular, especially the bottomless kind, I booked to go with some friends for our first bottomless brunch at Neverland Beach London earlier this summer.

Long afternoons in sunny beach bars, or even just long afternoons spending time out with friends have both been seriously lacking since the world turned on its head last year, so it didn’t take a lot of scrolling through their feed to want to book tickets for an afternoon of escapism at the Neverland Beach.


Beyond endless food and drink in a bar, Neverland London is pitched as more of an experience, boasting their own little city beach paradise tucked away in Fulham. It certainly looked like that from their pictures – a stylish tropical beachside bar with the promise of escaping reality at the beach

But, we all know Insta glam and real life reality can be two very different things, because lets face it Fulham isn’t quite Ibiza – so here’s what its really like…

You start up by booking tickets on their website and its straight forward. They show availability by date and you simply show the confirmation on your phone when you go in. (We also ended up having to rearrange to a different date and again this was really simple once I emailed them)

Neverland-London -A-suffolk-mum-blog-walking-into-the-beach

Now the first thing I was surprised at when booking the tickets was the food options -I assumed it would be brunchy lots of avocado and mimosas, but its actually lunch. This does make sense though as its between 12pm and 3pm, but thought I’d mention in case you were thinking the same as me. Actually in all honestly, midday is plenty early enough to start drinking for me anyway!

Neverland London Review

On to the day itself – although it doesn’t look much from the outside, once you are through the door, your feet hit the sand and the bamboo beach tunnel transports you into the Neverland experience of the Fulham beach bar. Opening out into different zoned seating areas, its a great space to go with groups of friends – Think lots of beachy wood, flowing pastel fabric and faux foliage in belly baskets everywhere. The space is further lifted by pops of colour with flamingo booths and neon signs. With a large outside boasting gelato coloured beach huts and clear pods, They’ve done well in creating lots of different intimate spaces across a large area.

On arrival we were handed a summery gin cocktail and shown to our seats. It’s all table service and it wasn’t long before our order was taken for more drinks and our first course came out. The starter was mezze and really good. For drinks there’s the choice of prosecco, beer, Aperol Spritz or Pimm’s and lemonade – these were then regularly topped up as the afternoon went on. The mains were chicken burgers with a mountain of fries – a very welcome carb fest to help soak up the daytime drinking.

Bottomless Brunch in Fulham


I went with friends from school, women I’ve known for thirty years. Some that I don’t see very often, but as soon as we do, it feels like we have so much to say and there’s never enough time. We always have a great time catching up, but I loved how being at a bottomless brunch also meant it felt like we almost had more time. No decisions, no bar queues, no whose round is it anyway, everything just kept flowing, so we could just keep chatting.

In fact I feel like as a group of busy mums Bottomless Bruch is perfect- when I booked it I was thinking about going somewhere glam with cocktails and food, but actually the other side of it is bottomless brunch, means you also end up being totally looked after Its like that carefree feeling of being at a wedding, where your glass keeps getting topped up and you can finish a conversation without interruption.


There’s also a DJ and it seems we are now so old that the music from our youth is retro cool! They played lots of 90’s & 00’s hits and it loud enough to create an atmosphere, but not pumping out so much that we had to shout in our old age! Speaking of being a bit older, I hate the thought of going to a bar full of young glamourzons just out of their teens. So if you’re a bit of an oldie like me and the sight of all these beautiful young people on the Neverland socials makes you wonder if this the place for you, I’d say as a group of four women who are all nearly forty, yes there were a lot of youngsters in the queue, but once inside, the atmosphere is really friendly and I didn’t feel like we stood out at all.

All in all a fun afternoon and as a bottomless brunch first timer Neverland London did not disappoint!

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