Camera Phone Easter Hunt For Kids

My kids LOVE my PHONE. So, as we can’t go for as many Easter days out this year, I’ve made a silly treasure hunt they can do around the house using my phone to take photo proof of the activities.

So here’s the idea, I’ve made a simple virtual scavenger hunt, where my children will have to take pictures, 7 in total, to then collect a little Easter chocolate treat from me.

Easy Smart Phone Scavenger Hunt For Kids

All you need to do is download and print the below PDF and hand it out:

If you haven’t got a printer why not screenshot and save it to photos on your phone. It’s not exactly one of the days out I’d planned but thought this could be a little bit of fun for Easter Sunday. I’ve put away an extra egg, that I’m going to give them when it’s complete. If nothing else I’ll enjoy my coffee in peace while they are running around the house! I’d love to see your pictures, tag me on on Facebook and Instagram.

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