5 Things to do on Walks with Kids – Games & Activities to Make Walks Fun For Children

Are you looking for things to do on walks with kids? Recently I have been trying out ways to make our family walks more interesting. Lets face it most of us have been on far more walks than we used to recently!

Normally we are not really a family of walkers – I mean obviously we walk generally and we do enjoy exploring new places or the occasional countryside walk around where we live, BUT I have to confess I find going on the same walks over and over pretty boring, and I’m never overly keen on getting muddy and cold! So with lockdown meaning its our only way of getting out of the house at the moment, We have had to get a bit inventive to make our daily exercise more enjoyable.

So if like me you are searching for ways to do it a bit differently, here are the games and activities my children have enjoyed on walks recently…

Games and Activities to play on walks with children

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Create a Rainbow in Photos

We first tried this in the initial lockdown last spring when there was a big focus on rainbows. We simply took my phone on our walk and I challenged my children to find every colour of the rainbow and then take a picture of it. We did this on both a country walk and a scoot through town and they both loved finding all the different colours and stopping to capture it with an image. We took pictures of bushes, flowers, houses, all sorts and they really loved it. My little boy thought it was very funny when the butcher even waved out the window while he was taking the picture of his red shop front.

How to do Leaf Rubbing Pictures with Children

I used to love making these when I was little and it wasn’t until I was looking on Pinterest for ideas to do with my children in the garden, it reminded me how pretty leaf rubbings can be. Super simple too – When you are next on a walk get your kids to collect some dry leaves, the flatter the better, to then turn into pictures or cards.

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Once home spread the leaves out under a piece of paper and then start rubbing with different colour crayons or pencils. I originally intended this activity for my little girl, but actually my older son really enjoyed it too, the detail that appears as you rub really is quite lovely to watch.

Making an A to Z of Your Town

This is is another photo activity and although I only intended it as a way to get my daughter enthused about going out/putting down her ipad and leaving the Roblox game she had her head buried in! My 9 year son loved it too. Essentially I challenged them to take a picture of every letter of the alphabet while we were out walking. Anything that begins with that letter from, P for puddle, T for tree to searching for the harder letters such as I, which made my little girl squeal when she saw some Ivy growing!

We did this one walking through our town and it really did it make it fun for them looking around and coming up with sillier and sillier options for each letter. We ended up getting pretty liberal with definitions for the ones we were stuck on, so doing Karate together counted as K in the end! But they managed most others and more importantly they didn’t moan about walking the same old route because they were engaged in something new instead.

A Suffolk mum blog, Games to play on walks with children

Once we got home it then also led onto a couple of other activities – My daughter wanted to write out the alphabet with all the things she’d seen and then also turned the photos into a simple video adding moving GIF letters in too. We did this using the story function on Instagram to piece them all together. (You can also use it as a video editor without having to post anything. There’s a save function across the top that then saves it to your camera roll instead.)

Making Nature Pictures with Children

This is an art collecting activity, we have been doing for years. Since being about three, my little girl has always enjoyed the responsibility of taking her own bag or basket out on a walk to then collect objects to use to make a picture when we get home. Its as simple as that, looking out for pretty flowers, leaves, or little twigs, anything small and portable we can then bring home to arrange and stick on paper at home.

Flowers and twigs can make great little people or turn acorns or shells into bugs with grass or drawn on eyes and legs. I have to confess this is also one of those activities that I often suggest if my little girl is flagging (Or getting bored watching her brother at football practice) but without a lot of intension to follow through and then make the pictures. Collecting the items and talking about what she’s going to do with them is often enough to keep her busy and occupied and then gets forgotten about once we are home.

Going on a Sunset Walk

Now stay with me on this one, as I know it sounds pretty patronising suggesting going for a walk at sunset as a new idea that nobody has thought of, which clearly it isn’t. But, I wanted to include it as a suggesting this as an new activity to my 7 year old recently went down really well, with the focus being we would capture some pretty pictures on my phone and then come home and paint a sunset. By mixing it up, going on our walk at a different time (Taking some hot milk to enjoy on the way) while searching for the perfect picture to then recreate at home – It became a nice way to finish the day and felt a bit different, still seeing the same things but in a different light.

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