The Shrek Adventure – London South Bank, Our Family Review and Top Tips

Have you ever heard of The Shrek Adventure on London South Bank? Its sandwiched between popular attractions such as the London Eye and London SeaLife Centre, yet despite its prime location, I never seem to hear a lot about it.

After spotting it when visiting other attractions at London South Bank, I have always been intrigued by what the Shrek Adventure would be like – but before booking I wasn’t sure what to make of a whole attraction dedicated to one film all behind closed doors without a lot of info about what happens inside – So if you are like me and seek out a bit about where you are going before you book, I thought I would share a family review of our visit…

Shrek Adventure London, Whats it like and our review. Children posing for pictures outside

Especially as it went above and beyond anything I was expecting – If you are looking for something a bit different to the norm, then I would wholeheartedly recommend The Shrek Adventure as a really fun and immersive family experience to visit on a day out in London.

Shrek Adventure london entrance, a family review and tips taking children

Part of the reason we took a chance on it, was that we’d bought our tickets as part of a bigger deal with a few other London attractions, so they were much cheaper than they would have been on there own. It was part of a combination ticket where you can choose a number of London attractions to then visit over a period of time. I’ve shared all the info about the tickets and also the rest of the details of our London Minibreak in another blog all about our recent 36 hours in London with kids.

What’s Shrek Adventure London Like?

I genuinely had no idea what to expect when I booked this, and yet it ended up being such a highlight of the trip. But don’t let the beginning put you off. Once you’ve had your tickets scanned and gone in, to begin with there’s quite a bit of queuing. This did make me wonder initially if it was going to be packed and slow. But, what I hadn’t realised is that the lines are caused by holding each set of people in turn before beginning the experience. This is because you all go around the attraction in small groups, experiencing each part together, so once inside it all flows smoothly.

The whole experience is pretty special – Like something you’d expect at a Disney park and although it is based around Shrek, even if your children are not big fans of the franchise, if they like DreamWork characters I’d really recommend it.

Basically after going on a 4d cinema bus ride you become part of a story visiting different rooms along the way with actors playing various characters from the land Far Far Away.

We were in a group of a few families and after each mini session is complete you move into the next room. The sets were amazing and all the actors and costumes really professional. We were in there about an hour and a half and my children were enthralled throughout.

There’s then a room with lots of set and props for photo opportunities and a shop at the end selling lots of different DreamWork toys.

Shrek Adventure london Review Photo room

Here Are My Four Top Tips for Visiting The Shrek Adventure London:

  1. Queuing at the beginning – When we arrived, this did set a few alarm bells going, as it was so slow going getting from the ticket area to where you start the adventure on the 4D cinema bus. So, I’m mentioning it here, as I would have felt reassured if I’d known beforehand that it speeds up once you start the adventure. Essentially that’s the only waiting around you will do. Having done it, I now understand why, because of the way its set up – you go round in small groups and once you are started on your journey, you seamlessly go from room to room as feeling as if you are the only ones there.
  2. Don’t get there early – You pre book online but there is no point arriving prior to your time to get ahead of the crowds, as everyone has timed slots and they don’t (well they didn’t when we went) allow queuing beforehand. So, you can just rock up at your time and hopefully walk straight in.
  3. Going to the loo before going in – I know this sounds obvious but its not like a normal attraction where you are following your own agenda, visiting different things in the order you want to. You are assigned a group at the beginning and then follow a route through different rooms for the duration, so if you can, get them to go before so you don’t have to miss anything. Now I might be giving this advice, but my little girl always seems to need the loo at the worse moments, so did also need to go when we were in there – So if this does happen, its also not a problem, we told someone who was showing us to the next room, and we were able to nip into a loo in one of the back corridors and only missed a little bit of the next show.
  4. Turn your phone off – I’ll confess, I’m forever taking pics of my kids and was surprised at the announcement at the beginning that phones were not allowed. But, now having been, I can see that taking pics during it, would feel a bit like snapping away at a theatre performance, right in the middle of the show. However you will still get to take some pictures to keep – at the end there are lots of rooms with fabulous photo props from all different films, designed exactly for this purpose.

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