Girls Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

Decorating a seven year old girls room feels a bit of an in-between stage when it comes to décor – Everywhere I seemed to look was full of either pink princess bedroom ideas for very little ones or cool monochrome and pastel ideas for teens.

So, with this is mind I thought I would share what we came up with for Rose’s bedroom, as I feel its room full of colour and fun that’s just right for her age with lots of spaces to both play and relax.

Colourful Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

bright patterned wallpaper for girls rooms uk

My Little girl has waited a long time for her room to get updated from the toddler toy dumping ground it had become. So her brief was loud and clear – She wanted a colourful but girly bedroom with lots of purple!

a suffolk mum blog, girls purple and teal bedroom ideas, cabin bed with desk and sofa, bright feature wallpaper

We ordered quite a few different samples for her feature wall from World of Wallpaper , they have a fantastic range to choose from that was delivered really quickly. Rose then picked her favourite to go around the fireplace – Hidden Jungle in Green.

a suffolk mum blog, purple bedroom decor, green animal feature wall

What Purple Paint to Use in a Bedroom?

We went through quite a few testers before settling on this one. I wanted to avoid the sickly sweet lilacs while still keeping to purple rather than the many maroon taupe colours around. The Paint we have used is Velvet Plum from Crowns Period Collection. Its really rich without being overpowering and looks different as the light changes throughout the day.

The next focus was a bed and as well as being comfortable, we wanted a cabin bed with a desk to draw and do school work at, to make use of the space we have.

Where to Buy Cabin Beds with Desks and Sofa Beds for Kids UK

It took a while to find a nice one, there are not that many to choose from and the design of most I saw online looked quite old fashioned.

I was so pleased when I found the Room to Grow website. They have so many options including cabin beds, high- sleepers and bunkbeds in all sorts of configurations in modern designs. Over on a Scandi Mummy she also shares her top tips on choosing the right mattress.

High Sleeper Beds for Children

I started out looking for a cabin bed with a desk, but ended up with the Thuka Hit 9 – Highsleeper with Desk & Chairbed as it also has a sofa bed, perfect for sleepovers.

a suffolk mum blog, little girls desk area decor, cabin bed with desk, purple and teal bedroom

My little girl loves that you just pull out the handle underneath and she has a different bed to sleep in. I was surprised at how big the sofa is too, its made the perfect spot for me at while helping her with her school work and also big enough for both of us to sit and have a story before bed.

The desk is great with built in shelves and even a storage draw under the sofa for toys or spare bedding.

Next up was finding a dressing table and wardrobe. We kept it pretty simple with the wardrobe from Ikea and brightened it up with these pretty handles from Anthropologie. Finding a dressing table was trickier as the space is quite narrow and I also wanted something with extra shelves for storage. This one came from Argos and was really easy to put together (Well I say that, but what I mean is my husband found it simple to put it together – I’m rubbish with anything practical, so stay well away!)

A suffolk mum blog, 7 year old girl bedroom ideas, dressing table and wardrobe

Tween Girl Bedroom Accessories

Now on to the fun part, I love accessorising and buyig and arranging all the bits and bobs to make a room pretty. Rose is already exactly the same, so it was so much fun choosing and arranging all these together.

A suffolk mum blog, Tween girl bedroom ideas, purple and teal

Again I think its hard, well it is for me anyway of getting that balance – choosing things my children love that are in keeping with the design of the rest of the house and things we like too. One way I’ve done this is to keep away from all the children’s character furnishings, other than a Frozen Duvet. I also think this will mean she can grow with the room more rather than it seeming babyish and dated very quickly.

a suffolk mum blog, children high sleeper bed with desk, girls bedroom desk

We are still adding little bit and bobs when we see them, but here’s where we have found pretty finishing touches so far:

We are still finding more pieces to style and finish it off, but for now we are really pleased with the space we have created: A bright and colourful bedroom where she has the space to play and can spend time with her friends that will also grow with her.

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