7 Quick and Easy Ideas for Kids Video Calls With Friends

Are you looking for some new ideas for kids video calls? Like many, we have spent a LOT of time on Zoom with friends and family this last year. It may not quite hold the appeal it did in the beginning (Although does anything at this stage of lockdown!) But, I’m all for any activity that breaks up the day right now. Although essentially they are still looking at a screen, at least the the kids doing something other than gaming or sat passively sat watching them and I love watching them laugh and joke with their friends the way they used to.

If you’re bored of playing the same games, or struggling to keep the kids attention when you are catching up with family or friends virtually, here are the top ones we have played together that have worked really well.

Games for pre-schoolers and Early Years Children to play on Zoom

1. Playdoh Pictionary

This is great for little ones, especially preschool wrigglers that get easily distracted on calls. I find playdoh always draws my children in (Apart from the early stage when they spent more time trying to eat it than play with it!) but other than that, its always been an activity that hold my kids attention. So, to play on Zoom calls I simply wrote a list of simple things to make for each family and while one child was modelling it, the others had to guess what it was. I added a little pack of Kiddy dough from QD Stores when I dropped a little Zoom party pack off for a friend earlier in the week and it worked really well.

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Here are the simple prompts we used, that were easy things to make and guess. After we’d done a couple of rounds they then went on to make up their own, but to avoid brain freeze, as my kids certainly can get a bit self conscious to begin with on a video call, these worked well as initial prompts:

  • Flower
  • Table
  • Caterpillar
  • Hat
  • Ball
  • Banana

Icebreakers for Video Calls

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2. Biscuit Drop

This is an oldy but a goody, on or off video calls. Sure you’ve played it before, but if you’ve got some digestives, this is a very funny way to start a video call for everyone. All you need to do is place a digestive on your forehead and then the aim is to get the biscuit in your mouth with out using your hands. We play it at Christmas at mum mums house with after eight mints and its so funny, especially with the little trails of chocolate left behind!

Fortnite games and quizzes to play on video calls

3. Fortnite Pictionary

As my son’s first love during lockdown is definitely playing Fortnite, I thought my best bet to persuade him off it was to do some games or activities that were Fortnite related! So first up we did another version of Pictionary, this time using cheap chalk boards again from QD Stores. Again I gave a little list of things to draw and each team took it in turns guessing. Now my Fortnite knowledge is limited to what I hear being shouted from my sons bedroom, so I kept it simple, but it seemed to work pretty well. And most importantly my nine (but going on 14 year old) was engaged and enjoyed a drawing activity which is certainly rare for him.

Here’s the simple prompts I gave the teams:

  • Peely
  • V Bucks
  • Battle Bus
  • Fishstix
  • Victory Royale
  • Pick axe

4. Word Association Zoom Games

Fortnite Word Game to Play on Video Calls

Its basically mallets mallet with Fortnite skins! So the way it works is you pick a child from each family and they then take it in turns to name Fortnite skins and the first to hesitate or repeat one is out. Nice and simple but one to get the older ones engaged. (I just have to block out how much money my children have gone through on VBucks purchasing all of those skins to obtain this knowledge!)

This is also fun with other topics, here’s a few we’ve tried with kids and also adults:

  • Fruits
  • Chocolate bars
  • Capital cities
  • States

5. Bingo on Zoom

We have played this a lot during lockdown, its easy to set up and also good for adults to get involved with too, so great for family calls. We’ve done it a couple of ways, we have been sent pictures of bingo cards to then print/or copy out from peoples family sets, or there are cheap books of bingo sheets that can be easily dropped off on your daily exercise or posted. Dabbers always make it more exciting if you have them and even winning real prizes however little, to be posted out.

6. Toilet Roll Pong

We played this on a Christmas party call with friends with baubles from the tree, but it obviously works even better with a ping pong ball. It’s beer pong with loo rolls instead. All you need to do is set up a group of toilet rolls in a pattern to then attempt to throw the ball in. We got everyone to use six and we set them up in a triangle: Three across the bottom, then two above, followed by one at the top. You need a marker on the floor everyone throws from and then you simply take it in turns to throw the ball trying to get it to land in the holes. Whoever gets it in, wins a sweet. We also played this as a family and my son then wrote some scores on different rolls moving them around to make it harder with trick shots, which was fun.

7. Lockdown Birthday Party Games

This isn’t as easy as the others, but thought worth including in case you have any lockdown birthdays coming up. Despite not being able to have a normal party, I wanted to make my little girls birthday special. Rose loves slime and we recently found a really easy way to make it, using Elmer’s glue and activator. These made a simple little DIY slime kit, to add alongside some other little snacks and treats in a door step party pack for all her friends. Plus walking around our town dropping them off was a great way make our daily exercise a bit more interesting. It worked really well making it together on the call, plus they then had something to fiddle and play with while chatting.

Not forgetting the adults…

If you’re missing nights out as much as I am, I had a virtual cocktail party on Zoom late last year and would really recommend it- I sent out some cocktail shakers and ingredients to friends and we had a lot of fun getting dressed up and making them together. I’ve shared how I did it and the cocktail recipes over on my blog post DIY Virtual Cocktail Party Ideas

zoom cocktail party ideas

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