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watering the garden - ways to save water at home

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Do you think about how much water you are using at home? I have to confess, even though as a family we are conscious of the impact we are having on the environment, water hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind as much as it should of until recently. It’s a bit ridiculous really, considering as a family I see us as quite conscientious: we recycle without thinking about it, make sustainable choices such as limiting single use plastic and I even have an electric car, yet one of our most precious commodities, water, has definitely been slipping through the net in our house, quite literally for far too long!

We have partnered with Anglian Water to share ways families can save water. Learning about the ways we can minimise waste has been a real eye opener for me, there are some we are doing already, but others I hadn’t considered, and these will certainly shape our future behaviour.

Here are the top tips we have found on how to save water in the garden and at home…

1. The Paddling Pool

Like lots of families we have a paddling pool we use in hot weather to keep the kids cool and entertained in the summer. This clearly uses a lot of water but there are some ways you can minimise the waste. Firstly we bought a net this summer for a couple of quid and it really does make a difference with the grass and debris. Scooping it all out daily means having to clean and refill the pool far less. When it does need changing the water is great for watering all my flower beds and pots. Plus both of these jobs are perfect chores for little helpers!

boy watering the garden with paddling pool water

3. Keeping Clean

On average a running tap uses 15 litres of water every minute. To show just how much this was, I filled up some old bottles with water to show my children. This was to demonstrate how much water they could waste leaving the tap on when they clean their teeth. This has really helped as a visual reminder of just how much water they could waste if they don’t remember to turn off the tap every time.

how much water is wasted brushing teeth experiment

Another top tip for saving water in the bathroom is having showers rather than baths. As my children get older I’m trying to encourage this more and more, saving baths for occasions such as when they have a new bath bomb to try.

4. Fill it Up

Another way to save water is making sure dishwashers and washing machines are full every-time. Now in our house I feel like I’m constantly fighting a loosing battle with the washing, so that isn’t an issue, but the dishwasher is one I’ll be taking note of. There are some more ways to go green at home with these environmentally friendly swaps you can make in the kitchen.

5. Playing With Ice

In the summer water is a great way to cool the kids down when playing outside. But, rather than reaching for the sprinkler or the hose, one way to reduce the amount needed for a sunny day activity is to freeze some with little toys inside. You don’t need a lot and it keeps my children cool and entertained for ages. I have written all about how to do it and the best toys to use in my blog article Playing With Ice here. There’s also a video with an easy way to make dinosaur frozen eggs over on my Facebook page right here

You can find lots more tips on ways to be eco friendly on Blogger Emma’s post – How You Can Do Your Bit For The Environment Without It Breaking The Bank

freezing toys in ice

How do you save water? I’d love to know if you have any your top tips for getting the kids involved too?

Anglian Water have a free Water Saving Home Kit on their website you can download here

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