4 Useful Apps For New Mothers

When you become a mother your life changes forever, to help you navigate this new journey, you’re going to need a little support. These apps are super useful for new mothers, whether you want to learn new things or improve your sleep.

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1. Baby Sparks 

Baby Sparks provides a child development program, which you can adjust to the needs of your child. The app includes thousands of milestone activities to discover. Baby Sparks includes an activity program of social skills, motor skills and sensory skills. The application also has language features, and features for cognitive development. All of the activities have instructions that are easy to follow, from written guidelines to videos. There’s a handy search filter where you can search by place, milestone or category. If you need parenting advice there are lots of great articles to choose from.

2 . Glow Baby 

Glow Baby is an amazing app to help you to track the milestones of your newborn. The tool includes detailed info and plenty of resources for parents. With the help of Glow Baby parents can monitor naps, feeds and pumping sessions. You can also make use of the handy timer tool, to keep an eye on your baby’s sleep patterns. One of the best things about Glow Baby is that the app provides personalized summaries and growing charts. The app includes plenty of handy features such as:

  • Upload pictures of your baby.
  • Write notes about your little one’s milestones.
  • Talk to parents in the community.

3. Slumber

Life as a new mum can be a little stressful, and sometimes it can be difficult to sleep. If you’re having difficulty you might like to try the Slumber sleep app. The tool includes soothing stories, sleep meditations and nature sounds. These soundscapes are great for mediation and relaxation, as well as for sleep. You can choose from mindfulness exercises, or various relaxing music tracks. The app also includes bedtime stories to help your children to sleep. Slumber provides many cool features including:

  • Track your sleep quality.
  • Use the volume and timer to customize your sleep tracks.
  • You can change the background noises, to create the ambiance you’re looking for.

4. Mush

The Mush app is one of the best applications for new mothers. It’s essentially a community for all mother’s to connect, providing meet-ups, support and friendship. If you’re looking to meet mum friends in your neighbourhood, Mush is the app you need. Motherhood can be both wonderful and very tough, with the Mush app you can celebrate the journey, or find solace when times are hard. You can use the Mush app in lots of different ways including:

1 . Reach out to mum’s closeby, you can find mother’s who have kids of a similar age, and arrange to meet.

2. Search for group meet-ups around your local area.

3. Ask the community all your baby related questions.

4. Read articles to learn new things about motherhood.

Life as a new mother can be both beautiful and a real challenge. Apps like these can work as great support tools. Before your new baby arrives it’s important that you get organised. When you’re shopping for your baby supplies check out Foryourlittleone for a range of quality items.


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