Why Your Kids Need Enough Sleep Every Night

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While sleep deprivation is common among adults, recent research suggests how quickly young children can be exposed to sleep problems. A recent report has proposed a sharp increase in hospital admissions for kids with sleep disorders in the UK. Its so important for children to get a good nights sleep for many reasons such as these:

Sleep Enhances Growth

You have likely had those mornings when you feel your kid just grew bigger overnight. And you wouldn’t be far from right. According to research, the human growth hormone is mainly secreted during deep sleep. This is why nature seems to protect little kids as they spend roughly 50% of their sleep in a deep state, which is considered vital for growth.

Good For The Heart

Studies are still advancing to learn more about the impact of good night sleep for young kids in dealing with stress hormones and harmful cholesterol. According to a sleep specialist, some kids with sleep disorders experience excessive brain arousal during sleep leading to several flight responses during the night. This was also linked with the constant cortisol and blood glucose elevation during the night too.

Weight Control

There is some evidence of kids becoming overweight due to sleep deprivation. The relationship between sleep and weight seems to make sense. For example, the fat cell creates the hormone leptin, which signals you to stop eating when you’ve had enough. But since lack of sleep affects this hormone, your kids could therefore continue eating and become exposed to obesity.

Good Boost For Kids Learning

Just like adults, your kid’s brain stays busy all night while they may look peaceful in their sleep. According to new research by the Columbia University Medical Center, babies do learn in their sleep. After researchers played particular sounds for sleeping babies, followed by a gentle air puff on their eyelids, the newborns between a day or two old learned to expect the air puff by squinting. 

Good sleep is good for learning among all age groups. Sometimes for busy parents juggling modern life and working long hours, it isn’t easy to ensure your kids sleep enough.

Several pieces of research have shown that kids who get regular adequate nights sleep have improved attention, learning, behaviour, overall emotional and physical wellbeing. Something you can do to help is ensure the bedroom environment and layout is conducive to a good night’s sleep. If the room is overly cluttered, consider swapping their bed for space-saving options such as the Cuckooland’s loft beds. You can then use the extra storage that these beds provide to keep important belongings and reduce clutter. Finally, remember that it is vital to regularly find out from your kids if they are experiencing any difficulties sleeping, encourage them to talk about it so you can see hopefully pick up any issues before they become bigger issues.


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