Why Bamboo Makes a Great Choice For Baby Bowls

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Getting our little ones to understand the rules and format around mealtimes can be tricky! When they reach the stage of eating from bowls, it can often be a challenging transition, and this goes for parents as well. There are so many different options available for baby bowls that it can seem hard to choose which one to go for. 

Often, we as parents are drawn in by established brands we know or simply convenience by shopping in places we go all the time, like supermarkets. But by doing this, we can often miss out and overlook options that benefit us and our children. One example of this is bamboo baby bowls. 

Baby bowls, plates and cutlery are often made of plastic, and this may seem like a good material to use, but there are several reasons why bamboo is used rather than plastic by some brands. To help explain this, we partnered with Joyto, who produced their own range of bamboo baby bowls, plates, and cutlery to shed some light on why bamboo is used. 

It’s Really Durable 

As any parent will know from playing with their children, things they get their hands on tend to have a tough life. When they’re still developing and exploring the world around them, babies and young children can be quite heavy-handed in how they interact with items. This can include the items they use at mealtimes. 

It’s very easy for bowls or plates to be dropped and damaged, but bamboo is a really durable material that can withstand a lot of punishment. Unlike plastics, it does not stain, meaning it stays looking great for longer. It also holds up well to the continual washing and use, meaning no matter the food you’re feeding your children or how much they scratch at the surface with their cutlery, bamboo can hold up. The benefit of this is that bamboo baby bowls and plates can be used for longer than plastic alternatives.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly 

More and more aspects of our lives are coming under scrutiny for their impact on the environment. From the car we drive to the food we eat, increased awareness of our environmental impact is hopefully resulting in a better environment for our children to grow up in. 

With this increased awareness of our environmental impact, even baby product brands are taking steps to make their products more environmentally friendly. Using bamboo rather than plastic is a great way to improve the environmental impact of the products you buy for your children. As bamboo is a natural and renewable resource, is it clearly better for the environment than the process which goes into making plastic which involves a significant amount of chemicals and toxins. 

It’s Safe For Your Children

The most important thing for any parent when choosing any baby product is that it’s safe to use. It may be hard to imagine that safety could be a concern with a bowl or a plate, but the reality is quite different. As mentioned above, bamboo is a really durable material, and when compared to plastic, it can hold together much better. This avoids cuts and sharp edges forming, which could be dangerous for your children. Not only could they cut themselves, but toxins from plastic could leach out and into their food. Both are clearly not something any parent would want for their child. This is not a concern with bamboo, making bamboo baby bowls, plates, and cutlery safe for your children to use. 

Bamboo baby bowls, plates and cutlery are becoming more popular, and it’s clear to see why when you look at just some of the benefits highlighted above! Hopefully, if you weren’t aware of the benefits offered by bamboo when it comes to baby products like bowls and plates, you now have a better idea and can look into specific options yourself. 


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