School of Rock Review – London Theatre Shows with Kids

If you’re looking for London shows for kids or the top London show to watch as a family in 2019? we absolutely loved the  ‘The School of Rock’ The verdict from my 5 and 7 year old when walking out “Amazing” “Incredible” and “How did those children do that?”

We’ve had a pretty low key half term this week. While it’s been lovely to recharge the batteries, I thought we needed a little mini adventure to finish off the week, so I booked a last minute day out to London and a show for yesterday.

 A day trip to London used to be such a big deal and planned way in advance when the children were small. Now I’m not having to think so much about little legs, or sitting still without my Mary Poppins bag of tricks, it means I can be a bit more impulsive and not think so much about


Is the School of Rock show ok for young children?

The school of rock is a firm favourite in my house, a rare film that both my seven year old son and five year old daughter are happy to watch together. In fact the first day they watched it, they loved it so much they watched it twice!

Considering we only booked the day before, going direct on their site, we got great seats, without having to pay the top prices. I love how you get an actual shot now of the view from your seat when making the choice. It makes all the difference when judging how much to spend. Our seats were pretty far back in the stalls, but we could all see perfectly without booster seats.

School of Rock West end review

The show itself really was amazing! You go into a west end show with high expectations, and this really didn’t disappoint. Considering how well we knew the film, the differences in the show kept it interesting, some great extra songs and it really was funny. A few jokes went over the kid’s heads, but they were in awe, from start to finish. They just couldn’t believe how good the children were performing on stage. It really is something – the singing, dancing, acting all while effortlessly playing their instruments, if you have little ones, that dream of performing, it’s a really great one to watch. Rose has been jumping about, acting out little scenes from the show all morning, inspired by their performances.

We went to a matinee at 2.30pm and were out by 5ish so it was a good length for my two who are still pretty young. Looking around the theatre it was a real mix in the audience. If you’re trying to please a variety of ages, I think it would appeal to most.

With the story based around the battle of the bands at the end, there was a lot of build up for the ending and it really was special. Loud, bright, an explosion on stage. My two loved feeling a part of it, with everyone in the audience on their feet, singing and clapping along. They walked out of the theatre beaming, it was a gorgeous afternoon out, and I would really recommend it.

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