Reflexology in Suffolk – My First Treatment

Have you ever had reflexology? I’ve experienced a lot of complimentary therapies in the past, but Reflexology is not something I’ve ever considered. If I’m perfectly honest, other than knowing its about your feet, I’ve never really known what it is. So, when Aileen from Sole Connections recently got in touch and invited me to try it, I was delighted to go for a taster session and find out more about it. Aileen is a reflexology practitioner on the Suffolk/Essex border, providing treatments at The Oak Rooms in Halstead and also has a mobile service visiting people in their homes.

There are a lot of different reasons people have reflexology with many using it as a way to seek release or respite from various physical ailments. As there isn’t anything specifically physical that I’m dealing with at the moment, instead I went hoping it would help release some of the stress I’ve been holding. Not caused by anything specific, but just the general mental mother load that’s always there in the background right now.

Reflexology Treatments in Suffolk & Essex

On the day of my treatment after a short country drive, I pulled up to be greeted with the picturesque Oak Rooms in Halstead, framed by the beautiful gardens stretching out beyond. Tucked away down a little country lane, you have no idea what’s hidden round the corner.

Stepping into the grounds and elegant treatment rooms felt like pressing pause. Walking into a hidden oasis primed and ready to help you relax and shut the door on normal life, if only for a little while.

When I’m booking myself a treatment, whether its something cosmetic and intended as a pamper, or booked with the intention to help with an issue or aliment I’m dealing with, for me its not just about the treatment – the whole experience matters to me. I’m sure like many others (especially after the past 18 months we’ve all been through) I find it hard to switch off and stop my mind racing. So when I go to something like this, I want the environment to help guide me into that different zone almost. Well, The Oak Rooms does that in abundance. The grounds are beautiful, with elegant yet understated interiors and being greeted with calming music, heated seats and the aroma and flickering lights of scented candles, certainly helped me initially to relax.

reflexology in suffolk, my first treatment

Reflexology Treatment, Halstead, Suffolk

So first of all, Aileen talked to me about what reflexology is and what would be involved. Reflexology is a therapeutic holistic and complimentary touch therapy that supports good health and wellbeing. Basically the technique applies different degrees of pressure on specific reflex areas in the feet, hands, face and ears and these reflexes correspond to all of our energetic bodily systems. 

As well as being an environment that was inducive to relax – Sinking into the heated therapy bench was a great way to start, along with the smell and feel of the lovely products used. She started the treatment by what she termed working the toes, applying pressure to each one in turn. As the toes are linked to the brain, as well as assisting with clearing your mind at the start of the treatment, this process can also help with lots of different issues related to your head, such as hay fever, sinus problems and toothache.

Reflexology treatment Suffolk, products used

She then moved on to work the heart reflex, chest and lungs, applying pressure with circular motions around other areas of my feet, while gently tugging and stretching them.

The treatment itself was relaxing. I would liken it to the sensations I’ve felt before when having a hot stone massage. The pressure and movement applied to my feet wasn’t enjoyable as such, but I did feel like the motion of it was working to unwind me in a way.

experiencing reflexology treatment in essex, east anglian blog blog review

As the treatment went on, I felt like with each push and pull of my feet, it was as if little air valves were opening up throughout my body and mind releasing some of the hot air and stress I’ve been holding onto.

Helping Cancer Patients in Suffolk and Essex with Reflexology

Now we have talked about my session I want to share a little bit more abut the type of services Aileen offers and specialises in. I was surprised at how many different things this treatment can help with. As well as providing reflexology treatments for all, she specialises in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) Reflexology for maternity and reproductive health and also for cancer care. In her spare time she also dedicates some of her time to volunteering as a complimentary therapist at St Helena hospice. She feels very passionate about providing treatments for those who are having or have had treatment for cancer, those suffering with life limiting conditions and helping others in a palliative care setting. 

reflexology in suffolk, a suffolk mum review

Mobile Reflexology Treatments in Suffolk and Essex

Although I visited the Oak Rooms Halstead to have my treatment, Aileen also offers a mobile service so you can book and benefit from reflexology sessions in the comfort of your own home. Considering this is a treatment accessed by many who are already dealing with illness or who may have limited mobility, she is used to being flexible and can easily set up in peoples homes, providing care and comfort to those less able to access treatment.

Coming back to the reason I went for my session: I often have, I think like most busy mums, a buzzy head full of so many open tabs that I’m trying to juggle. Yet at the end of this treatment, I left definitely feeling a lot calmer and clearer. So although having reflexology didn’t tick off anything on my to do list, it felt like it created a bit of space for me to think clearer and more positively while back in the crazy juggle that day.

reflexology suffolk blog review

To find out more about reflexology head over to Aileen’s website Sole Connection There you will find lots more information on what to expect and how to book.

Disclosure: I was offered the complimentary treatment for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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