Raising A More Independent And Responsible Child Outside School

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The skills and attitudes that your kid carries onward into the rest of their life aren’t just built in school. There’s a lot that you can do to further their education outside of school. Here, we’re going to look at some of the experiences and the efforts that you can make to ensure that your child grows up more independent, more responsible, and more competent.

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The Importance of Work

We’re long past the days of sending kids to the workhouses, thankfully, but it can be a very good lesson to teach your kids the importance of spending time outside of their interests but in being productive. Of course, this has to be balanced with homework, making sure that you’re not demanding too much of them. However, rewarding your kids for chores with pocket money can help them get a good sense of the relationship between work and finances from an early age. Keep graduating the chores as they grow up until they’re ready to take on a part-time job and you can get them in the habit of working throughout their life.

Delayed Gratification

The ability for your children to not immediately experience gratification, but to be able to wait for it, is the building block of so many skills. The discipline and dedication it helps build make long-term attainment easier for them. Also, using things like parental controls on the more addictive distractions in the home can help you distil a talent for focus in them, too. Delayed gratification is a skill that even a lot of adults lack, so teaching it from an early age can be a blessing for your kids.

Getting Out and Seeing the World

Travel is good for much more than just vacationing around the world and having a great time. As far as your kids are concerned, they can enjoy a wide manner of educational and enriching travel opportunities, be it with school trips or, as they get a little older, partnering them with a student travel company. Finding the trips that offer them a lot of education, help them get more confident about getting out into the world, and broadening their horizons can help them become a lot more mindful.

Doing Good for Others

Raising a more responsible kid means teaching them that they are not just responsible for themselves, alone. They are also responsible for others around them and the impact they make on the world. As such, volunteering with your child can not only help them develop that working sense as mentioned above but can also help show how their direct efforts can make a difference in the environment and the lives of others. With any luck, you can start a lifelong habit that sees them being considerate and conscientious adults.

Help your child build the kind of skills mentioned above and not only are they going to be more competent, but they are also going to be more confident as they move into university, the working world, and adult life.


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