Make The Most Of Your Smaller Spaces

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Make the most of your smaller living space, with some simple tips. It doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve the desired look. Small rooms appear larger in light colours, so why not try soft, restrained tones such as white, beige and cream. This makes the room appear lighter, brighter and less oppressive. You could supplement this with wood, for example, for a natural and harmonious effect. Of course, you can always round it off with individual accents in bold colours or shiny metals to add a bit of flair.

Making the most of smaller spaces
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Choosing Furniture To Fit Smaller Spaces

When choosing your living room furniture, be careful not to choose bulky furniture.  A lot of furniture in the living area may visually overload the room. Also shelves, coffee tables, chairs and others should not be too expansive. Therefore, keep an eye on the proportions. You can look at a company such as Richard Haworth to inspire you with the best furniture pieces to buy.

Choose Furniture With a Slim Silhouette

In line with the previous tip: delicate, graceful shapes look better in a small living room  because they create an impression of lightness. Choose sofas and armchairs with a slim silhouette. With a Scandi style, you will find many of these pieces, such as a sideboard on slim feet and a slim sofa or side table. Rattan chairs can also look a little more airy since they consist of struts that the light easily falls through. This way they do not block the view and appear all the more discreet. They are also eco-friendly which is great for those who wish to become a little more sustainable. 

Leave Free Areas

Minimalism can be key in maximising space in a small living room. So make sure that you don’t overload the available space.  The same applies to the walls. Limit yourself to a few pictures and/or elements and leave a lot of space around them. For this reason, a low sideboard is also a good choice. Add a mirror above it to draw in light, also making the room feel much larger.

Multifunctional Furniture

You don’t have a lot of space, so your chosen furniture should be useful. Console tables, for example, are recommended. They are not particularly deep, offer storage space, sometimes also drawers, and can be used as desks or dressing tables. Upholstered stools can take on the function of a coffee table – or provide an additional seat if required. You can use ottomans for style and storage.

Use Lighting Well

Even with the right lighting, you can make a small living room look bigger. Lighting can make or break a room. The harsher the light, the less it feels inviting. But you want to be able to pinpoint certain areas of the room with light to add space. Indirect lighting is the method of choice for optically expanding a room with light. You can achieve this with background lighting, concealed LED strips, wall lights or shelf lighting. 

Attach The Mirrors

Mirrors work very well for making a space look and feel larger. We know this trick, for example, from the refrigerated shelf in the supermarket: mirrors simulate additional space where there is none. Another effect – by reflecting light, they bring more light into the room without additional lighting. It is best to hang the mirror across from the window or on the wall to the side so that it can absorb light and reflect it back into the room. Also, it helps bounce the light and shapes around the room. You can find second hand mirrors for reasonable prices, if you are working to a budget. 

Overall – Less Is More

In summary, this piece of advice is probably the quintessence when furnishing small living rooms: exercise restraint so as not to clutter the room. This applies to furniture, but also to decoration: it is better to choose a few (colour-coordinated) favourite pieces and then put them in the limelight, so to speak. Less is more, because it will allow you not to overcrowd the area and choose select pieces that you feel work best. You can keep playing with the space until it feels right.


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