Low Cost Activities You Can Do With The Kids At Home

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The weekends and school holidays can really drag when you can’t get out of the house. Rather than going stir crazy in the house or just watching TV for the day, there are so many ways you have a lot of fun with your kids without having to go outside. 

Bake Together

Baking is always a winner with kids. Not only is it a lot of fun to do together, but in the end, you’ll have a delicious treat at the end of it. 

Find some inspiration online and then see what ingredients you have at home. There is a great range of baking kits and decorations on the sugar and crumbs website. 

low cost activities to do at home with kids
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Camp Out in the Living Room

Why not have an adventure right in your very own home. A good old-fashioned campout will get your little ones all excited. Get them to help you put up your tent and fill it with things like sleeping bags and snacks etc. At night, you can tell stories or sing songs before settling down for the night. 

Play Dress-Up

Most parents will own a box full of dressing-up outfits. You’ve probably spent a fortune on them so get some more use out of each one. If you don’t have any costumes then you can still break out some of your old clothes and use these as a bit of inspiration. 

Pick a theme and get dressed up before playing a game or acting out a scene in character. 

Family Movie Marathon

Get the family together and introduce your kids to your favourite children’s movies from when you were young. It’s a great way to have everyone together, snuggled up on the sofa, eating popcorn, while you re-live your childhood with your own kids. 

Treasure Hunt

Hide treats of small toys around the house, and draw a map for your kids to follow, collecting clues as they go. Not only will this keep them occupied it will also help them stay mentally stimulated too as they hunt down clues to solve. 

Dance Party

Turn down the lights and put some of your favourite music on that you like to dance to. Great for laughing and exercise. Take turns picking the music and dance like nobody’s watching. 

Write Letters to Friends and Family

When was the last time you handwrote a personal letter to someone? Get out some paper and pens and write letters to someone you know. This activity will encourage your child’s imagination and improve their writing skills. 

Final Thoughts

When kids are trapped in the house. It can be a bit of a struggle keeping them amused and active during this time. While independent play should be encouraged, there are also a number of things you can do to have so much fun indoors too. Try some of these ideas and your kids are sure to love them. 


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