How to Start Your Online Business

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Are you a mum who finds herself with a few extra hours in the day? Are you a mum whose children are at school all day, so you have free time before picking them up from school? If so, you may have the idea of starting an online business, especially if you are crafty and creative. With sites like Etsy and Amazon pumping out millions and millions of products and selling them all over the world, it’s no wonder you want to step into that industry and get your handmade products sold all over the world. Whether it’s making clothing, making candles, or creating keepsakes that become the perfect gifts. Here are a few ways you can start your online business and start making money fast. 

Pick a Catchy Name

Your company name is what is going to be your calling card. Your name can have everything to do with your brand. Once you get that catchy name you can then start putting your mark on it by creating the pages you need with that name. Social media handles, web pages, and other marketing materials need to be created and saved by you so that no one else uses them. 

Create Your Brand

Your brand will say everything about you and what you’re selling. The brand goes hand in hand with the name. Be firm on what industry you are in, what kind of audience you are targeting, and where you want to head in the future. Your brand will affect everything from your logo that will go on all of your materials, to what voice you will give to your content, comments, and posts.

Start a Website

Websites are the place for your online business. It’s basically your store. The sooner you get yourself up and running on the internet, the quicker people can start to visit you and see what you have to offer. Starting a website is as easy as it has ever been. With sites like Wix or Squarespace, you can just plug in your domain name and start picking out layouts that suit your brand and your idea. If this is something that does not appeal to you, then you can always go and hire someone to take care of this for you. There are freelancer sites on the web where you can go and see people’s portfolios and previous work, and you can choose the web designer that suits your needs. Start taking photos of your work so that you can get those pics up on your site so people can start buying. 

Open Social Media Channels

Take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, whichever works best for you. Get your brand name out there and start sourcing content and material that is going to bring people to your pages. Using the proper hashtags, tags, and SEO words will make all the difference in how big your audience grows. You can hire someone who is an expert in the niche of social media marketing to give you a leg up. Social media marketers know exactly what works best and what works fast when you are trying to reach as many people as possible. What makes social media so great is that it’s global and you can reach people in any country with what you are selling. 

Start Posting

Since social media is a great way to reach a large population of people, start posting content on your pages so that people can find you and your product. Commenting will help you connect to other people in your field and you can start following other people so that they will start following you too. When you amass a large number of followers, you will start to show up on more feeds and get your ideas in front of more potential customers. 


Once you have your marketing ready, your sites up, and your product ready to go, then you can start networking with other people in your industry. Not only does this help you get your name, face, and brand out there, but it also gives you the opportunity to forge partnerships with other people in your industry who are not your direct competition. You can help out others as they help you out without stepping on anyone’s toes. As a working mum, this can be a bit of a hassle as it is the one part of the job that will take you away from the home, but events of this kind are planned well in advance, so they won’t spring up on you.

Consider Outsourcing Some Work

You can’t do it all alone, so if you have a product that you can send somewhere to be made, don’t hesitate. After all, you are a mum and you have a lot of other things to do as well. If you are in the clothing business you can send your orders to factories where your shipments will be put through an industrial embroidery machine for all the details of the design. Fragrances can be sent to factories for creation and photos can be sent to studios for developing and framing. The more help you can get creating your ideas and your orders, the faster you can get them to your clients and that will make them very happy. 

Manage Your Time Wisely

The greatest way to be successful is to be organized, and the number one thing to keep organized is your time. Get yourself a day planner or agenda and make sure that you carve out time every day to work on your passion and your craft. If you don’t keep at it every day, you will start to work on it less and less and then before you know it, your idea will fade away and more of life will get in the way preventing you from being able to get back to what you want to do. Manage your time wisely, and before long you will start to see some real results. 


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