How Outdoors Experiences Can Teach Kids Life Lessons

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As a parent it can be easy to worry about the amount of time your child spends outdoors. Some worry whether their child has too much of an indoor-centric lifestyle. Kids today can spend a lot of their time indoors. With so much technology readily available it can sometimes be hard competing with the lure of a screen.

Introducing children to an outdoor lifestyle can encourage and teach lots of valuable life skills. This post explores some of the life lessons your child can learn by experiencing nature.  

Perseverance and Endurance

Life is tough and while your kid might not know about the myriad challenges out there, it’s good to prepare them for whatever life may throw at them.

Whether it’s a hiking trip, mountain climbing or ski trips with school, the child will have to put in some effort to complete the challenge. This is a good opportunity to introduce the need for perseverance in life. It can even help mould their perspective on life.


In life, confidence is one of the most important qualities. Whether at school or out in the public, your child needs confidence to unlock their full potential. Some children may miss out on opportunities because they fear going out and trying new things. When you take your kid on a skiing trip or a rock climbing challenge, they build confidence as they become better. This in turn can help them face other challenges they may encounter in life.


Children love learning and discovery and a nature trip, or birdwatching, is a perfect way to facilitate this. Being outside can create a sense of freedom for children, a great environment to learn, away from the technical distractions of modern life.

Health and Wellbeing

There’s growing worry about the state of children’s health across the world. Research shows worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. The gravity of this health crisis reflects in the lifestyle diseases afflicting children and teenagers today. Lack of exercise has continued to this sorry state of health. Outdoor activities are great for promoting good health through exercise.


During group tours, you might have group competitions where you compete to complete challenges. Most of these require collaboration to win. This is a good opportunity for your child to learn the importance of cooperation. This is an important skill both at school and outside.

While the outdoor experience provides an opportunity for fun, there are important skills to learn. As you have fun and unwind, don’t miss out on the opportunity to teach your child these essential life skills.


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