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With the anniversary coming up, of when I set up my website, I find it hard to believe its three years already – yet at the same time, if I look back at where it started and what I’m doing now, there’s been a lot of change. I started here as a hobby to go alongside the paid content I was creating for other websites, but its now gone full circle and this website has become a mix of the two.

Therefore in achieving this milestone, it feels a good time to reflect on my growth as a blogger and how my website has evolved alongside it.

Issy Joslin, Profile, A suffolk mum blog three years in

It was November 2018 when I decided to set up my Suffolk Mum blog to go alongside my social platform pages. As although I had been working, writing parenting and lifestyle content for a few years, this was always published on other websites. Therefore it felt great to finally have my own space online. Originally this was going to be a place for me to house and share personal blogs, an outlet really, where I could write the type of articles I liked and wanted to share, as well as those I was paid to do. The reality was though, that although I got the website set up and live in autumn, within a couple of months I then took on another job that meant I didn’t have the capacity to give it a lot of attention and apart from the occasional blog it stayed pretty dormant.

Although I did add a few more articles in 2019, it wasn’t till I stopped working completely and was at home with my family in lockdown that I started posting regularly. Like most, I had a lot more time with my children and what felt like endless hours to fill. As I’ve always harboured to be more like the American Pinterest moms whose dreamy lifestyle websites I love looking at (and crafts and recipes I pin, but then feel bad when we rarely get around to doing them) I finally had lots more time – so this naturally led to us trying out and making up lots more crafts, games and recipes.

So, as my job had also been delayed due to Covid, I started posting regularly. This also continued once I was back at work, sharing days out and things to do in East Anglia. After a few months of building up traffic and the all important DA (through a lot of back links and collaborations) as well as my organic content, I’m pleased that my website now also generates paid work.

How I Make Money From My Blog

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Its a question I’m asked and its also something I’m keen to be open about. From the beginning, the majority of my blogs and social posts have been made up of me sharing my own life and experiences and that’s still the case. Where I now make money, is through sponsored and collaborative articles and social posts. These are either where a company approaches me asking me to host an article they have already written (Or sometimes just a link) or I will do a brand campaign where I am asked to write a piece/share some social posts around a particular topic, product or service.

The type of content people (and therefore brands too) are interested in seems to have changed too. Reels are now so much more popular and I’m being asked to make these more and more. I’m not complaining through – out of all the content I make, these are my favourite. I love making them and also watching them.

I also find it really interesting reading about other bloggers journeys and their particular niches. I follow many, each for different reasons. – They all bring something different, whether its for expertise in a particular subject, or I enjoy their humorous take on life to pretty curated feeds. Intellifluence is great place to find new blogs to follow, if you are after some new ones to read – they are brilliant at showcasing lots of different bloggers.

Having looked at how much my content has changed in the last three years, I’m also fascinated by the new trends coming and what ones will remain popular. As I’ve mentioned, my focus on social platforms such as Instagram has shifted to include a lot more videos with reels now being my most popular social posts. It seems this trend isn’t going anywhere, which is no surprise when you take into account the popularity of TikTok. According to Forbes short form videos are going to continue being key in blogger campaigns in 2021 and beyond I wonder how this will evolve further over the next three years. I’m keen to keep videos as a major focus in my content plan, but what else will appear – I’ve heard Facebook are now going to start rolling out a reels function in America, so won’t be long I expect until they appear over here too. That definitely something I’m looking forward to.


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