Guardy Review: Parenting App For Children with Phones

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What age do you give your child their own phone? How do you set boundaries and ensure what they access is safe? AND how do you get the balance right so it doesn’t feel like a big brother battle ground!

There’s a lot of questions and potential minefields around kids and technology, I for one have been thinking about all of these a lot since giving my son a phone.

So, when I was recently contacted by the makers of Guardy, an app that sets up non intrusive filters and tracking on children’s phones for parents, I jumped at the chance to test it out.

Disclosure: I was gifted the Guardy App for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

My Guardy Phone App Review

Straight away, I found it super simple to set up…

The first thing you need to do is download the app on your phone and your children’s devises and then switch their search engine over to Guardy. As well as blocking your child from seeing any inappropriate adult content, it also has a lot of other features, including filtering the type of websites they can access, that you pick and choose from categories (or even individual sites) depending on their age or the situation.

It also stops age restricted apps from being downloaded. I have to confess we had to play around with this feature a bit to get it just right for us, as my son does access some apps and games that were flagged. But, it definitely ended up a helpful exercise going through his phone to ensure I’m happy with everything he has downloaded.

There are two parts to the app – the one on your child’s phone and then a connected parenting hub on your devise. On here you can easily see how long they spend online and their website history. I have found having this really reassuring. I used to have a flick through my kids internet history and messages of an evening, but this feels a much safer option.

There is also the option to set screen time limits too, although I’m waiting till we come out of lockdown to set those up!

How do You Add a Tracker on a phone to see where a child is and set distance limits?

There’s a GPS tracker on the app too, with the option to create an area that your child should stay within so you get notifications if they go too far from home. Although my children are currently too small to go out alone, once they are older I can see myself using this feature a lot. Especially having set parameters.

Plus this app also monitors their phone battery, so if they are out and about and their battery is low you will get a notification, so you can contact them if you need too, before their battery dies.

How to Set up the Guardy App?

Guardy have listed the three simple steps you need to get started

  • Register  – Download the app and enter your information to create a Guardy account
  • Protect – Install Guardy on your child’s phone, tablet and computer. Now your child automatically will be protected from dangerous and inappropriate content.
  • Manage – Set rules, see activity and manage screen time through the parent version of the app.
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App to track children’s website history

Now we have using the app for a couple of weeks, I would really recommend it as a simple way to keep track of your child’s online movements. It’s certainly given me a lot of reassurance, about letting my child have a phone at such a young age.

If it wasn’t for the Pandemic, I was planning to wait till he was far older to give him his first mobile. Therefore this acceleration of independence at a time when I’m already feeling overwhelmed with change, is not something I planned. Therefore being able to see what he’s accessing and how much he’s using the devise, is definitely helpful.

If you go over to the Guardy website using this special link you will be able to get a free trial for your family to test out the app.

If you use this special link and then subscribe, Guady have also offered users coming from A Suffolk Mum Blog, up to three free months extra free. (One month if you subscribe monthly or three months if you subscribe for a full year)

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