Fun Meals & Snacks for Play Dates

The excitement of having a playdate can send my two into such a spin. It’s getting easier as they get older, but I still find it’s handy to have something ready to do together if it’s all getting a bit chaotic.

At the same time, its really important to them, to be able to go off and play without my interference. So, rather than locking horns, I find having a meal or snack they can do as an activity often helps in calming everything down.

Equally, it’s a nice way to make playdates feel like an occasion, without too much effort or shopping involved. So here’s my top go to meal and snacks when we have children round to play.

DIY Ice-Cream Sundaes For Kids

I buy a cheap tub of Neapolitan so there’s a flavour everyone likes, some chocolate sauce and wafers or flakes. I tend to always have some sort of sprinkles in my cupboard left over from baking, so I pop these into separate little bowls with a spoon. I then dish out the ice-cream and they can have fun putting the rest on.

Make Your Own Pizzas

We often have pizza when we have children to play. Although it doesn’t take that long making the dough or sauce from scratch, I tend to stick with ready made for playdates ( Mainly, so I’m not as fussed if it doesn’t get eaten or spilt everywhere!) Sainsburys does a nice cheap pizza sauce in a jar and packs of 4 plain bases. I set it all out and let them have fun adding all the toppings. This has also been a nice way to encourage my two to try new things on their pizza, rather than just always sticking with a margarita.

Fruit Kebabs

These are great in the summer. Fun to do all together and also a nice little activity to keep them busy when you are waiting for friends to arrive.

Decorate Biscuits

Again I go for ready made. Either a pack of digestives with a bowl of runny icing to spoon over or the sweet little gingerbread men sets you can get for a couple of pounds in most of the supermarkets. Perfect for when a bit of calms needed and an afterschool snack.

Banana Spilts

This is also my go to pudding when I haven’t gone shopping (As I’ve generally got low fat squirty cream in the fridge for my sweet fix while on Slimming World!) The kids love peeling and cutting open their own banana and then squirting the cream down the middle. Then it’s whatever sprinkles or marshmallows I’ve got in the cupboard to decorate. I just have to keep a close watch, as otherwise they end up just squirting the cream
straight into their mouth!

I’d love to see if you make any of these. Tag me on facebook or Instagram: @a_suffolk_mum

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