Advanced Skin Therapy Review – Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Wow what a morning! When I was young, I knew all I needed to feel my best, was a bit of Heather Shimmer and a spray of Charlie Red. It was easy! Now, in my late 30’s other than some anti ageing cream I’m pretty clueless. I read in magazines about these acid peels or advanced facials & injections, BUT wouldn’t have any idea about what I need or where to go. So, I was super excited when Laura Blanch an Advanced Skin Care Facialist got in touch and invited me for her  Ultimate 90 minute Treatment over in Bury. Having years of experience in advanced skincare, running a successful business in Hertfordshire, having relocated with her family to Suffolk,  Laura has recently  launched her services at the Health Hub Spa at the All Saints Hotel just outside Bury St Edmunds.

Laura took the time to understand my skin and routine and put together a treatment to tackle my problem areas. I had never heard of half it, but after hearing her experience and skincare knowledge, I felt totally at ease in her hands – Think having a chat with a mate who knows her stuff, rather than a formal clinician who’s going to judge you for sleeping in your make-up! Before we had even started, I’d learnt loads and had so many tips to take away.

So, about the treatments: I didn’t have a clue what I needed, but unlike when you’re at a spa, where you choose, you book time instead and Laura will talk you through exactly what you need. I was shocked at how many different things she got through in the 90 minutes. Now I have to confess, never having anything like this before, I had imagined I was going for a really pampered morning. It’s not! You can certainly feel the acid, and although not painful, I couldn’t describe the injections as enjoyable. BUT, I did come out feeling amazing. In just one session, all my problem areas had improved, it’s not a magic cure, but I can definitely see why she called it the red carpet facial!

My Treatment

  • Cleanse & tone
  • Enzyme peel to resurface topically dead skin cells
  • Glycolic acid peel to top half for aging and brightness
  • Salicylic acid peel to bottom half to control bacteria and help congestion
  • Injectable Mesotherapy to eyes and frown lines using peptides and hyaluronic acid
  • Ceramide masque to retain water levels and previously infused active
  • Applied under LED on both red (antiaging) and blue LED (bacteria and acne)
  • High frequency on breakout to control bacteria and promote healing
  • Peptide infused vitamin masque that was electronically charged using soundwaves
  • Active serums and vitamin oil to finish.

It’s now the morning after my treatment and I can’t get over how my skin looks today! I feel like my face has been genuinely plumped back up to my twenties and glowing like I’ve been on a detox. You can find out lots more on her website right here.

Disclosure: I was offered the complimentary treatment for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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