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Children’s Pamper Party Review- Lipstick & Locks, Sudbury, Suffolk

I love planning my daughter’s birthday parties, she is a very stereotypical girl, lots of pink, glitter and glam. So, a pamper party at Lipstick & Locks Sudbury, really was the perfect party venue. We all had such an amazing time, I thought I would share our review in case you are looking for pamper party venues in Suffolk and wondering what it involves.

Pamper Party Sudbury

When I asked Rose what she wanted to do for her 6th birthday, her immediate response was a pamper party with her friends. She said they could use all my make-up and then I could do their nails and hair! Well, as much as I’d relish a group of 6 year olds rooting through my make -up bag! my hair skills are limited and I could see them losing interest pretty quick, playing with makeup in my kitchen.

When I saw that the new salon in Sudbury had started doing parties for children, it seemed the perfect solution, so I booked Rose and a few of her class friends in. Well, I cannot recommend it enough. Not just for the girls, but as a mum, it was by far the easiest and most enjoyable birthday party I’ve hosted for my kids.

Sudbury Beauty salon

What’s Included in a Pamper Party for Children

At Lipsticks and Locks the party package was just right for our group of little ladies. I was a bit concerned beforehand whether they might not be old enough. Whether they’d get bored in between their treatments, but it worked really well. We had 5 children in total and over the course of 2 hours they all had three treatments each. They were entertained in between, watching the others and because there’s a lot of space they could have a play and we didn’t feel cramped.

During the party, each girl had their hair, make up and nails done and a mocktail off the drinks menu.

They also had a chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows. A highlight was watching the girls after they’d had their makeup done, then try and eat this without smudging their lipstick!

children's pamper party

As we went after school, I made up some little lunch boxes and these worked well, with them all sat round the bar. They looked very cute with their cocktails and snacks chatting away.

How Much is a Children’s Pamper Party?

The cost for Rose’s party was per child and we paid £40 for each girl to have their hair, make-up and nails done, along with a mocktail and chocolate fondue.

The salon was still open, but really felt like a full party venue with Disney music on repeat and the girls felt like they had the run of the place.

As a mum, although I enjoy them, I rarely feel like I can relax at my own children’s parties, so this felt like a real treat. Us mums had a seating area pretty much to ourselves, where we could sit and watch with a glass of wine.

Thanks Lipstick and Locks, you made my little glam girl very happy. You can find out all about the salon on their website right here

little girl having a pamper party

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