5 Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets

While many of us dream of cavernous kitchens studded with wall-to-wall glossy cupboards, cabinets and appliances, set off by acres of granite worktops, in reality, plenty of people are cooking in less than ideal conditions and trying to save space where they can. 

If your kitchen worktop space is limited or perhaps you simply prefer to keep your kitchen clear of clutter, here are 5 space-saving kitchen gadgets for you to check out. 

space saving kitchen gadgets
Image Source: Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Folding Kitchen Scales

Folding kitchen scales, whoever thought there’d be such a thing? Those big retro scales are beautiful and achingly cool but hardly compact. Even the more modern, thinner kitchen scales are a pain to keep in the cupboard if you need to use them regularly. 

Folding kitchen scales are exactly that – kitchen scales that fold up and are small enough to keep in your cutlery or utensil drawer. 

Nesting Bowl Sets

If you love baking, you’ll know you need mixing bowls for mixing, a sieve for sieving and measuring spoons for measuring. All these things take up space. Lots of it. 

So why not get all of these baking necessities in one handy, nesting set that only takes up the space of one measuring bowl? 

As an added bonus, you’ll only need to take one thing out of the cupboard and not hunt around for numerous things. Which, as an added, added bonus means you get more time to make more cakes. (Assuming you keep everything nicely nested, that is, so you don’t have to waste precious cake-making time looking for your measuring spoon.) 

Expandable Shelf

Everyone can always use more shelves and an expandable shelf will double your shelf space. As we all know, it’s all very well stacking cans, packets, plates and whatever else on top of each other but what happens when you want something at the bottom? 

An expandable shelf saves you from that annoying unscheduled game of Jenga with the contents of your kitchen cupboards. 

Fold Down Kitchen Table

We’re sure you’re only too familiar with a folding table with drop down leaves but did you know you can get a table that folds down from the wall? 

Wall-mounted tables are not only a great space-saver if you haven’t got room in your kitchen for a table but with COVID heralding a new wave of remote workers, they’re also perfect for those working from home who will appreciate being close to the kettle and fridge all day. 

kitchen shelves
Image Source: Photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash

Snap-on Colander

I’m sure we all agree that the average colander is far too big. Let’s face it, they take up almost the entire pan drawer, which is just greedy and unnecessary. 

A snap-on colander snaps on to your saucepan and is less than half the size of a traditional metal colander. They come in pretty colours too, which is always a bonus. 

These are just a few space-saving kitchen gadgets on the market today. If you’re anything like us, you don’t really need the excuse of having a small kitchen to buy new kitchen gadgets, but if you are short on space, these will make your life much easier. 


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