4 Ways You Can Support Your Pregnant Friend

Assisting a friend through her pregnancy is a great honour; but, it comes with significant responsibilities. For a mother-to-be, pregnancy is a delicate and transforming time. And while this period is filled with great happiness, it can also be marred by worry and stress as to what will come next and what can happen once the baby is born.

It is critical to provide constant and loving support that is in sync with how she is feeling at any given time, which can vary from day today. As a close friend, you will be privy to this journey and be in a position to help and support them on a more personal and intimate level.

Pregnant women, how to support your friend when pregnant

Whether you support them as a parent or childfree, knowing how best to help can put you in a better position.

Extend Support

It can be easy to presume our friends know our intentions, but it’s best to be upfront. Empathise with them and let them know you understand that their pregnancy is essential to you too. They’ll feel better knowing you’re thinking of them, and they’re not a burden.

The last thing they want is to feel like this pregnancy will strain the friendship and cause a rift between you.

Send Care Packages

Pregnancy can take its toll mentally and physically on women. While no two pregnancies are the same, supporting your friend with care packages designed to help them pamper themselves and get some much-needed R&R will always be gratefully received. After all, once someone becomes pregnant, the focus is naturally on the baby, and they tend to get all the gifts. That’s not to say cute Baby Hamper Gifts won’t be appreciated, but making sure you pamper and spoil mum-to-be too will be just as important.

Help Her To Prepare

The world of new baby products can be overwhelming, so helping her develop a list and giving her realistic advice is always welcomed. Buying enough bodysuits and baby grows (and knowing the difference) can be lifesaving. Buying goods like nappies and baby wipes while pregnant is also a great approach to help her save time and money when the baby arrives!

Put a list together of must-haves which you 100% need, such as feeding essentials, cleaning supplies, nappies, clothing etc. and then create a list of wants which are things you don’t need but would be nice to have and then a luxury item list containing baby gadgets to buy if the budget allows.

Support Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy and hormonal outbursts have been bedfellows for thousands of years. Her feelings will range from rage to panic to fear to bemused upset to tears as she drops the last piece of cake on the floor. It is your responsibility to be there for her, listen to them, and not criticise them for any of it.

It might be irrational and repetitive, especially if this is their first pregnancy. Still, in all honesty, it is part and parcel of being pregnant, and you will be much appreciated for the support you give them throughout this rollercoaster ride.


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