3 Holiday Ideas For Getting Active & Healthy

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Holidays, when we tend to think of them, are our time to live a little more freely and get a little indulgent. It’s true to say that laying on a beach, enjoying martinis and mojitos, eating fast food and ice cream (or at least eating in many authentic restaurants), while fantastic for our sense of wellbeing, is not necessarily great for your health. This means that sometimes, a holiday like this can leave you feeling lethargic upon your return, when you would really rather feel something akin to being refreshed.

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So, what if you wanted to flip the script this year, or when the sun comes around again? In this post, we’ll discuss three holiday ideas you can get involved with should you wish to become active and healthy again. Note that you can retrofit these in different ways depending on what family members are coming along, if you’re bringing children, and how experienced you are in these given activities.

Without further ado, let’s consider some worthwhile recommendations to switch up your usual holiday adventure:

Ski Holidays

Ski holidays can be a great way to exercise while also having an incredible amount of fun and learning a real sporting skill. While this can seem intimidating to those who have never tried this sport before, often, ski resorts will be more than welcoming to beginners by providing entry-level courses as well as the ability to rent equipment while there. Ski holidays are a great means of truly connecting with nature around you, seeing incredible vistas, and of course, enjoying the range of beautiful food, drink and community activities that go with that.

Hiking & Exploring

Hiking is a great activity, but hiking in a national park (along safe routes), climbing a mountain (like Snowden along the approved trails), or simply walking in a hilly beautiful and historic village can make a massive difference. In the long run, you’re sure to feel much more connected when walking and really connecting with the outside environment. You may even decide to book a visit to an incredible pilgrimage route, like the famous Santiago De Compostela. Because of how free-form walking around is, you can pretty much do this anywhere provided you want to explore. Trekking around a city like Venice and taking a boat taxi from time to time can count. You’ll cover more miles than you think.


For those who really want to make the most of the beautiful sunlight in picturesque surroundings, heading on watersport adventure holidays can be a great idea. You might learn to scuba dive, or wakeboard, or surf as a beginner, or just rent a few jet-skis and get going. Thanks to your proximity to the water, you’re sure to get active, even if that just means walking back and forth on the beach. Little measures like this can help you feel healthy, and offset the indulgences you might engage in elsewhere.

With this advice, we hope you can get active and healthy in the best possible manner.


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